• abrasion resistant, imporous/seamless and wont's hide any dirts and contaminates;
  • colorful and hard with texture similar to natural stones,
  • briliant appearance as glazed pottery, and
  • touching as warm as woods
Artificial marble (Kolics)
Artificial marble (Kolics)
Artificial marble (Kolics)
Artificial marble (Kolics)


  • imporous homogeneous material - 100 % imporous material from the inside out
  • excellent durability - won't absorb/hide water or contiminates
  • flexible fabribility - seamless adhesion and thermoforming possible
  • excellent touching feels, wide color choice
Artificial marble (Kolics)

suitable for
  • Kitchen countertop
  • lobby of public buildings
  • nameplate (of companies)
  • furniture, tables, desks
  • art innovation
  • sign
  • frame material (of windows or mirrors)
  • decorative fasade
  • Hospital & health care facilities
  • fabrics and gifts

Artificial marble (Kolics)