• Weatherability:ready for outdoor application with low color attenuation
  • colorness:high color saturation, brilliant and excellent visual performance;  suitable for either backlight or reflective light to demonstrate the outstanding image of companies/stores
  • translucent:high light translucent with staurated color tone to deliver energy saving effectiveness
  • environmental freindly:the compositions complied with RoHS,  green material and recovering, reclcylable and energy-saving
  • fabricability:ready to cut, to drill and to thermoform


Crystal color acrylic sheet with its brilliant, high color saturation, it's especially accompanied with other material to deliver shining and vigorous fashionating space atmosphere. Together with high translucent, it's eye-attracting either backlight or reflective light. Some strongly recommended application:
  • interior design/decoration, partition in stores/ companies
  • cover of fixtures 
  • display (with illumination)
  • furnitures  
Crystal color Acrylic Sheet
Crystal color Acrylic Sheet
Crystal color Acrylic Sheet