MCC group has announced plans for a full commercial-scale trial of the technology that will allow us to recycle acrylic (PMMA).

The trial is using Agilyx's molecular recycling technology and set to take place at Agilyx's site in Oregon, USA.
Molecular recycling is the process we're using to take acrylic (PMMA) and break it down to its building block - MMA. This virgin-quality MMA can then be used to create brand new acrylic, over and over again.

It’s said, the smaller-scale trials were very successful that MCC group asked Agilyx to run a full-scale plant trial to further prove and optimise their technology. The MMA yield and purity figures of the first trial surpassed expectations, so MCC group to confirm this PMMA recycling technology at full production levels.
A wide variety of PMMA has been fed during the initial trial as well as some purposely-included contaminants and the Agilyx technology handled them with no issues.

After further confirming, a fully operational recycling plant has been planned in Europe for PMMA by 2023.

PS: PMMA is an ideal material for advanced recycling and ready to back into its original monomer, MMA, creating a truly circular material.