New Colored Acrylic Sheet:Colored Ice Sheet, Transparent Sheet, LED Diffusion Sheet
Quality cast acrylic sheet:Product Record Introduction.
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  Lighting Cover, Shutters, Doors/Windows
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  Aquarium, Water Show Bubble Wall, Swimming
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Acrylic boost to Taiwan's agricultural sector
Taiwan is located in the subtropics and, as such, the climate is hot with long sunlight hours in summer. Solar IR-Cut acrylic sheet has been proven to block over 95% of infrared (IR) energy. When used as a glazing material it effectively lowers indoor temperatures by about 5 degree C in a ventilation space, thus reducing air conditioning and heating energy consumption and lowering running overall costs ...Detail>>

Acrylic's beautiful new realm
When people hear the word 'acrylic' most people think immediately of paints, signage, display, advertising, or other traditional uses. However, for product designers, transparency, high optical clarity, texture and many other fantastic aesthetic and performance qualities make acrylic an ideal material to work with. Designers truly do break the traditionalist's view of acrylic. Using a light guide panel in conjunction with LEDs in precisely the right way can create a dramatic effect...Detail>>

Furniture & Customized Art
Join acrylic sheets or pieces together with specialized mortise and tenon techniques on the design of furniture and artistic products.Use acrylic as sole material to present the products' simple beauty by mortising transparent acrylic sheets and color sheets together.By layering acrylic sheets shaped in various geometric figures to make products with innovative looks that would enrich your personal space....Detail>>

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